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Track, Manage, Recycle

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Track, Manage, Recycle - Recycling and waste management

If you're familiar with the old triumvirate: reduce, reuse, recycle, and what it means for business, you may like the three-fold nature of our combination of analysis and implementation zero-waste operations.

Here at Avangard Innovative, we operate a range of programs that take aim at the problem of business waste and its cost.

Sustayn Analytics

Our Sustayn Analytics program allows companies to monitor, track and manage waste and recyclable materials, in order to facilitate better planning in a company's markets and business processes.

Think of this as an example of dashboard visualization.

For a while now, companies have been investing in tools that visualize their processes, so that they can make better decisions, plan for the long-term, and strike the balances that they need to thrive.

Sustayn Analytics brings this to your business environment, with a prepackaged monitoring solution that shows you where your assets and liabilities are. This is indispensable for finding the best way forward, and we are proud to offer this flagship service to our customers.

Natura Zero-Waste Program

Our Natura Zero-Waste program is aimed at developing and achieving that synergy that your business needs to do two things simultaneously – achieve zero-waste status, and maximize profits.

One way to explain this program is that it helps companies to achieve certain benchmarks based on the old saying: “green is good business…”

In other words, when you do things right, greener business models do not cost money – they add money. There's no difficult choice between doing business in a more ecological way, and making more money. You do both things at once. That’s really what’s at the heart of this kind of innovation, because it opens up so many new opportunities to do things a different way.

With good overall planning, many companies find this to be an entirely possible and feasible way to optimize their business models and get to the next level in terms of modern efficiency.

Natura PCR

This third part of our program involves active industrial processes for recycling.

We take the old materials and make them into recycled pellets for packaging using the following processes:

· extrusion

· filtration

· optical sorting

· odor and volatiles removal

You could say this is where the rubber meets the road – where the planning and resource evaluation models in the other two programs become complemented by a physical approach in-house.

Want to learn more about how these programs work?

Talk to Avangard Innovative about how we evolved our business model to help with zero-waste achievements.

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