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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Waste, And Make a Profit!

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

If the whole world is not yet moving towards a circular economy, it definitely ought to. It is no secret that the natural resources are getting depleted at an alarming rate and that the onus is on the people to take the right action to avoid further depletion. While more people around the world have become aware of the need to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle, they also face many challenges and may need more direct motivation to integrate it into their own lives.

Avangard Innovative is a company that specializes in not only reducing waste but also capitalizing on that waste. That can be a great motivator to pay close attention to the things they buy and quickly dispose of because an upgrade has come into the market.

Small and large businesses are experiencing the need to become sustainable and appreciating the need to go green by some people. With the oft-repeated and publicly stated urgency to act on climate change, companies are attempting to make changes within so that they are not left behind the circular economy curve. What they need are data-driven processes to manage their waste management programs and see an increase in profits.

Sustain Analytics - To track and monitor waste material

A technology platform from Avangard that helps companies capture data on the existing waste management process, including the size, weight, type, and volume of the waste material. Companies can gather metrics and reports on each of their offices regardless of location. From here, it is a simple matter of using the data to predict future patterns and plan for improved efficiency in waste management.

NaturaZero 2.0 - Towards zero-waste and increased profits

Discovering the company’s green assets would be the perfect place to start. Having gathered the data through Sustain Analytics, NaturaZero 2.0 helps in establishing goals, and monitoring the performance to arrive at a program to reduce cost and increase revenue.

Natura PCR - Waste recycling plant

Avangard’s Natura PCR is the facility that enables recycling thereby ensuring that companies have an efficient approach towards circular economy. It is a recycling plant with the technology to not only sort the waste material but also produce post consumer recycled resin (PCR). Naturally, companies using PCR reap the rewards tangibly in increased revenue and an improved image as a green company.

To conclude, going green is the only viable solution to save the planet and there is no dearth of opportunities to direct our energy towards sustainability while still discovering new ways of generating revenue. Converting trash into treasure is just one of them.

What Avangard does is offer you comprehensive solutions on how to improve your business's bottom line. Its secret lies in using advanced technology, program management, and the facility to actively monitor waste, manage the waste recyclability, and maximize your profit.

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