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More Productive Recycling Operations Equals Better Solutions

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Productive and Economic Recycling Solution

Globally, management of waste is becoming a top priority as far too much plastic has been improperly discarded into the natural environment. This litter is affecting the biodiversity of our planet, harming our wildlife and threatening the health of our human population.

Demands Of Consumer Waste

Our recycling programs are struggling to meet the demands of increased consumerism and are overburdened with the amount of waste that is being produced. While attempting to manage their existing programs, many companies overlook areas in which they could be increasing productivity and profit while also generating greater recycling yields.

The Goal Of Circular Economy

The eco-design, waste prevention, recycling, and energy efficiency goals of a circular economy aid in tackling the environmental pollution problem that we experience today. By using addressing these aspects and using innovative hardware and software solutions, companies can close the loopholes that tend to exist in operations in order to produce quality recyclates.

Increasing Efficiency And Profitability In Recycling Operations

Regardless of the size or scope of a recycling business, operations management plays a key role in making sure that the product is profitable. Avangard Innovative is the leading circular economy solutions company that is providing recycling companies with the ability to manage, measure, and monetize their sustainability programs.

Just as in any sector of the industry and market, recycling companies can fall prey to overwhelming burdens and lack of appropriate operations support systems. Avangard Innovative provides this support and fills in the gaps in operations with three proven systems that enable companies to increase productivity and profitability.

Sustayn Analytics Technology

Through their technology platform Sustayn Analytics, Avangard Innovative gives companies the ability to visualize, track and monitor all waste and recyclable material that is being processed. With both hardware and software advantages, this system can provide real-time metrics that enable managers to use to make better operational decisions.

Optimizing Operations With NaturaZero

NaturaZero, Avangard Innovative’s zero waste and recycling management program, designs, manages and optimizes operations in order to achieve zero waste while maximizing profits. This program provides a solid basis for efficiency that enables companies to run their programs at optimum capacity.

NaturaPCR Options

Avangard Innovative also offers a post-consumer resin facility, NaturaPCR, where end of life flexible packaging is transformed into reusable pellets. These pellets can then be used as raw material for new plastic packaging.

More Productive Recycling Operations Equal Better Solutions

Whether it is through increasing speed, lowering costs, conserving energy, or identifying advanced waste production alternatives, Avangard Innovative offers solutions to recycling companies that increase both their competitiveness in the market as well as their profitability. The more successful these companies become, the better our recycling programs will be, giving us more options for waste management solutions.

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