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Mistakes That Can Get in The Way of Your Business Going Green

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

The typical business owner has a number of different causes they are passionate about. Environmental conservation seems to one of the most popular causes business owners are willing to spend money on. By doing your part, you can make an impact on the world around you. While many business owners want to go green, they lack the knowledge and the tools needed to make this happen.

Failing to work with professionals and educate yourself on environmental issues can lead to lots of mistakes being made. These mistakes can get in the way of you making a positive impact on the environment. Read below to find out more about the mistakes that can get in the way of your business going green.

Leaving Technology Out Of The Equation

There are many business owners who think that recycling is a process that is entirely hands-on. While things like recycling is a physical activity, managing the eco-friendly upgrades your company has made is simplified when you have adequate technology in place. Leaving technology out of the “going green” process can create lots of problems and missed recycling opportunities.

The team at Avangard Innovative offers the tools you need to optimize your recycling programs. With our Sustayn Analytics platform, business owners can track and monitor the waste and recyclable materials in their operation. This program provides near real-time metrics that can help you pinpoint and address business sustainability challenges. With our NaturaZero program, you can get a customized recycling and waste management program developed in no time.

Overwhelming Your Team With Drastic Changes

The main goal that most eco-conscious business owners have is to minimize the carbon footprint their company has. While this is a good goal to have, you need to realize that accomplishing it will take lots of time and effort. Making sudden and drastic changes to your work environment in the name of conservation can be problematic. Ideally, you want to start with broad strokes when trying to make your business eco-friendly.

You need to start by placing recycling bins around your workspace to make recycling easier for your team members. Once these bins are in place, you can send out a companywide announcement encouraging team members to actually use these recycling bins. Letting your team know the motivation behind these changes is crucial when trying to get them to buy in. Making small changes little by little will add up over time.

Ignoring the Ability To Make Money With Recycling

Depending on the type of waste your business generates, you could be sitting on a recycling gold mine. Some business owners view recycling as a waste of time and resources. In reality, an optimized recycling program can help you generate more revenue over time. With the help of Avangard Innovative, you can create and implement a lucrative recycling program.

If you are currently making any of these mistakes, it is time to find out how Avangard Innovative can help you out.

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