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Great Tips For Encouraging Your Employees to Recycle At Work

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Nearly 91 million tons of municipal solid waste is composted and recycled in the United States annually. Over 262 million tons of municipal solid waste is produced each year, which means a lot of this waste is not getting recycled. In the past few years, both consumers and business owners have started to take recycling and the positive impact it has on the environment seriously.

Making your business more sustainable will require the help of your entire team. If you are unable to get your team on board with recycling, you will have a hard time meeting the sustainability goals you have set for your business. If you want to encourage employees to recycle at work, check out the great tips in this article.

Make Individual Waste Bins a Thing of the Past

If you operate your business out of an office space, keeping clutter to a minimum is probably your main goal. Some business owners invest in individual waste bins for their office space because they think it helps them to manage the waste in their workspace. While these bins will keep garbage from accumulating on the floors and desktops in your workspace, they can also cause problems when it comes to getting employees to recycle.

In most cases, these individual waste bins will get filled with any and everything, including recyclable materials. Instead of making this mistake, you should set up a centralized area where waste and recyclables can be taken. While your employees may complain about this change at first, it will become a part of their daily routine over time. With a centralized area for your garbage and recyclables, you can make sure the waste in your office gets in the right bin.

Work On Educating Your Employees

Employees who are unaware of the benefits of recycling will be less apt to participate in your recycling programs. Instead of letting this lack of education get in your way of creating a sustainable business, you need to provide your employees with some useful information. Letting your employees know why recycling is important is the first step in this education process.

Hosting meetings with your employees and allowing them to ask questions about the recycling program you have in place is important. During these exchanges, you can drive home the importance of recycling and why your employees should work hard to create a sustainable work environment.

Set a Good Example For Your Team

If you want to make your recycling program a success, you have to show your team the way. Failing to set a good example for your team members can cause lots of problems. Showing your employees how important recycling is and actually setting a good example can help you accomplish your sustainability goals in no time.

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