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A Consulting Firm with Real Re-use Operations

What's different about Avangard Innovative? We offer a range of programs that really reflect our commitment to reuse and recycling, as well as reducing waste and carbon footprints.

How does this work? One way that it works is by combining the conceptual parts of the field with practical logistical operations to reuse materials.

Re-Use with Natura PCR

At Avangard Innovative, our Natura PCR recycling program is something you could describe as the place where the rubber meets the road.

You may see some consulting firms only focus on the planning side of waste reduction and materials optimization. That's not us.

The Natura PCR program involves taking used materials and reengineering the waste material into pellets that can be used for new packaging.

In the days where more and more consumers are apt to order anything from Amazon in a box, this kind of re-use becomes critically important. You only have to look at the stacks of old Amazon boxes and mounds of used packaging materials around to understand the extent of the challenge, and how much good solutions can help.

Analytical Programs

So our Natura PCR program is a vital and important part of what we do.

We also offer analytical programs like Sustayn Analytics, and Natura Zero 2.0 that have their own value.

With Sustayn Analytics, we bring the power of visual data to your operation, in order to help reduce waste and conserve resources.

What is data visualization, anyway?

The principle of data visualization is that by creating formats for information, we can help that information flow more easily to where it's needed.

Think about the old Excel spreadsheet as just one example of how this works – a list of numbers and identifiers written next to one another on the workbook page. How easy is it to read a spreadsheet page? If it's any significant size, it becomes really difficult to read this information at all. Instead, people end up doing data queries and tabulating results with functions to try to figure out what they're looking at.

With data visualization programs like Sustayn Analytics, you see everything at a glance. All of these names and numbers are made into colorful graphs and charts that will reveal what's happening from a big picture perspective. This is ultimately incredibly value to businesses.

For more, check out the website. At Avangard Innovative, we are proud of what we have done in the waste reduction and recycling space and in helping to guide our customers toward efficiency and success in twenty-first century business.

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