Avangard Innovative recently named a 2020 Top Foam Technology Solution Provider by The Manufacturing Outlook Magazine, isn’t resting on its recognitions. We’re working every day with customers just like you to improve their bottom line by keeping plastics out of landfills. Check out the interview at the link below to learn what we’re doing today from our CEO Rick Perez—and we look forward to working with you as we expand even further in 2021.

Plastics reclaimer Avangard Innovative will sell millions of pounds of PCR each year to six-pack carrier manufacturer Hi-Cone Worldwide, as the companies expand their existing business relationship.  Click to read more!

August 17, 2020

Rick Perez, CEO of Avangard Innovative, announcing the new partnership with Hi-Cone Worldwide, a leading supplier of ring carriers for the multi-packaging industry: “We are excited to be a part of the RingRecycleMe initiative in partnership with Hi-Cone … By using PCR pellets to manufacture new ring carriers, Hi-Cone and Avangard Innovative will effectively create a Circular Economy solution.” Hi-Cone has set ambitious goals to become 100% recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable by 2025. With 30 years of experience and being the largest recycler in the Americas, AI offers full-service waste management and recycling optimization solutions. Visit the RingRecycleMe.com website to learn more. Contact AI for solutions to any of your recycling challenges.

Find out more: https://bit.ly/320NHtq

It’s true that the export markets are closed for recyclables. The opportunity for us to create a better and more robust collection system in our country, by expanding education to the consumer regarding what can be recycled and building the necessary infrastructure, is here. We at Avangard Innovative are 100% focused on circular economy and helping our environmental partners achieve their environmental goals. Recycling is only one part of circular economy. We have to track it with SustaynTM technology. The second step is to implement the tour of zero program to lower waste going to landfills, to increase recyclables, based on data. A third facet – end of life – must also come into play, by putting the recyclables into products that go back on the shelves for the consumers.

That is absolutely correct: recycled PET at this time is the more expensive version. Should we ever worry about the price? It’s a commodity market and it goes up and down. Most of the time virgin plastics are more expensive. There’s a debottlenecking effect happening right now at the plants which took it down in price, simple peer supply. Doing the right thing for the environment in the long-term will play out. It’s the right thing to do for the environment, it’s the right thing to do for stakeholders, and it’s the right thing to do in your heart.

Reclaimer Avangard Innovative will grow exponentially in 2020, opening three processing sites to recover and pelletize plastic film.

Two years ago, China turned the American recycling industry on its head when it stopped accepting millions of tons of its scrap materials. Since then, state lawmakers and departments have been forced to re-examine a system long dependent on sending plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and paper across the ocean.

September 03, 2019

The plastic grocery bag and dry-cleaning bag are conundrums for recyclers. They’re made of plastic, and plastic should be recycled, but most curbside programs don’t accept these products.

August 29, 2019

The recycling industry has the capability to expand and grow as re-collection and access to clean recycling streams continue to develop. We at avangard innovative are excited to focus on circular economy opportunities with our environmental partners. We are all actively engaged in our efforts to clean our communities, rivers and oceans!

August 26, 2019

On August 15, Rick Perez, our CEO, spoke at the Sustainability and Circular Economy Summit in Washington, DC, on the importance of universities preparing their students to know the skills necessary to advance the circular economy, on how business leaders are spreading circular thinking across their organizations, and on how technology leaders can develop the tools needed to find circular opportunities and foster adoption.

August 21, 2019

I want to congratulate Tokyo for an amazing idea – to utilize recyclables to make the Olympic medals! This proves to us that circular economy can be utilized in many ways. It is the future and it’s the right thing to do for the environment, our communities, and economic sense!

CEO Opposes Lies about Plastic and Proposes Solutions to Minimize Waste heading for Landfills and Oceans

September 22, 2019

Rick Perez tackles three inaccuracies about Plastic that are commonly believed:

  1. “Since China and India stopped buying our recyclables there’s no more market- it must go to landfills, we have no choice.”

  2. “It’s impossible to recycle plastic film.”

  3. “Bio-degradable plastic is the solution.”

He goes on to clarify the reality of each of these lies and presents solutions and continues that “There is no reason whatsoever for even one pound of good, sorted plastic to go into any landfill or ocean.”

Avangard Innovative invited to speak at the fifth annual U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Sustainability and Circular Economy Summit in Washington, D.C.

August 15, 2019

AI CEO Rick Perez invited to speak along ­a diverse group of speakers such as Hugh Welsh, President and General Counsel of DSM North America, and Eric Beckman, Co- Director of the Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation, at the Sustainability and Circular Economy Summit in Washington, D.C. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce invited them to speak on “Managing with the Circular Economy: Technology and Skills Development”.

Perez Returns to Real leaders Magazine to Advocate how Critical a Circular Economy is for the Environment

July 11, 2019

CEO Perez expands on the advances in the common perception of plastics and what that translates to regarding circular economy. Many years ago, using recycled materials provoked stigma, but recently, the media raises awareness for consumers to view recycling and avoiding ocean plastics with a positive connotation. This change collaborated to the success of AI. Perez explains how AI uses “Fit-bit” type real time cameras all over the plant to ensure customers that their plastic is processed and delivered.

CW39 Houston Interviews AI CEO about his Plan to “Change the World” through Expanding the Recycling Industry

July 01, 2019

CW39 gets an inside look into Avangard Innovative and observes how the company operates. By buying, tracking, converting, and ultimately selling the trash, the “Steve Jobs or Elon Musk of recycling”, Rick Perez CEO generated a multi million-dollar industry in hopes to “leave this world a better place” and “ to leave a little bit of a better legacy for my children and grandchildren.”

Rick Perez Recounts how Life as an Immigrant Contributed to the Future Success of Avangard Innovative

April 01, 2019

CEO and Founder, Rick Perez, gives insight on how being an immigrant from Mexico shaped his way of thinking resourcefully. Perez describes the initial stages his work as a college junior as only having $1,000 in start up capital, a phone, and a fax machine; this home project would eventually transform into one of the world’s largest recycling companies in 11 countries. By “blending the best practices from different cultures,” Avangard Innovative creates new ways of helping communities by generating jobs and reducing waste.

Avangard Innovative Presents its Advanced Technology Platforms

March 21, 2019

Avangard Innovative shows and explains how each different technology platform used by AI functions, such as Sustayn Analytics. Rick Perez describes the benefits and efficiency that corresponds with using such programs, so that AI can monitor, manage and monetize recyclables in the most efficient way possible.

June 15, 2018

Thirty-three Houston-area business people from 29 companies were among this year’s finalists, which were announced in May, for the Ernst & Young 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year Gulf Coast Area Award. The awards recognize “entrepreneurs who demonstrate excellence and extraordinary success in such areas as innovation, financial performance and personal commitment to their businesses and communities".

The awards for the Gulf Coast area were presented at a gala on June 14 at the Marriott Marquis Houston, where Avangard Innovative's Founder and CEO, Rick Perez, was announced as winner.

May 16, 2018

North American recycler Avangard Innovative helped its Fortune 500 clients increase their recycling profits last year thanks to analytics software from TIBCO Software Inc., a Palo Alto, Calif.-based software company.

May 01, 2018

Congratulations to Rick Perez, Founder and CEO of Avangard Innovative, for being selected to the Real Leaders for The Global Goals Council.

Avangard Innovative, a pioneer and global leader in technology-enabled waste management and recycling, is partnering with Real Leaders to promote action toward achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) #12: Responsible Consumption and Production by 2030. 

February 06, 2018

Rick Perez, Founder and CEO of Avangard Innovative, shares his experience and deep insights from disruptive technologies presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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